Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Brewers blog: Brewercentric

This blog is called Badgercentric, but back in the beginning I promised thoughts on the Brewers, Packers, etc. Turns out University of Wisconsin sports have occupied most of my words. It's my main passion, and the fact that we're not exactly in prime baseball time has contributed too.

But a few friends from West Bend who have emailed one another regarding crucial Brewers matters as part of a group modestly named "Brewers Roundtable" got pretty fired up about the Francisco Cordero departure and Scott Rolen rumors and, sick of reading about Wofford hoops, proposed moving the discussion to the blogosphere. It seemed like the discussion might get lost here, so now we have:


The blog will have a little bit different feel than this, as a bunch of guys are involved in writing posts - Scott Burch, Jon Corbett, Adam Hertel, Walt Landvatter, and Craig Pintens - and they are all much better at articulating Brewers-related emotions than I am. If you'd like to get access to making posts and not just comments, send me an email; warning - if I don't know you, expect heavy skepticism.

Tell your friends and neighbors, tell Rob Deer and Graehme Lloyd, tell Doug Melvin, because we've got a bunch of guys with ideas for what he should do with our favorite team.

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