Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm sorry

Guys, this has been a crazy couple weeks. Of the last 13 days, I've been home for two. Missed all but the last two minutes of the Wofford game, and all of the Cornell game (may have been a good thing).

And my laptop died. This is yet anothe painful BlackBerry post.

So that's why there's not much going on here.

I thought life might catch up with me like this at some point, bummer it happened during the tournament. Hopefully I can catch up later.

Probably not going to happen now. Most of my free time is spent creating and selling Wisconsin-themed shirts on Our first big hit was the Worst Call Ever shirt inspired by the Packer-Seahawks debacle that spelled the end of the NFL/officials standoff. My personal favorite: Wisconsin Pass the Salt, which was designed by my 8-year-old son Will. Check it out, buy a shirt.


Ryan Boldt said...

you didn't miss much with UW-Basketball. It was really frustrating to watch the last 3 games. They were just out of sync.

I hope Evans and Bruiser make big strides and some incoming guards can play. I think Taylor was our best guard at the end of the year. Hughes seemed to be so inconsistent.

I like your blog, thanks for any updates.

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