Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bevell tampering with Favre?

The Brett Favre mess has added a Badger component to it, so I finally feel compelled to comment on it in this space: is reporting that the Packers are pursuing tampering claims against the Vikings, alleging that Minnesota offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has been speaking with Favre inappropriately since the latter began contemplating a comeback. Bevell, remember, was Favre's position coach in Green Bay, which I always thought was funny, since they both assumed starting quarterback positions in the state at about the same time in 1992.

Gee, I hope the Vikings don't get penalized for this in any way, it would take some of the luster off such a classy franchise.

Seriously, I think Bevell is a good guy and doesn't get hurt by this, given his up-and-comer status in the NFL coaching ranks. Especially since the Vikings, along with the Bears, are such obvious landing spots for Favre if he returns and is released. Which is why the Packers shouldn't grant him his wish.

Thousands of words of have written and spoken on this subject around the state and the country in the last week or so, and I certainly can't add much to the discussion. I'm just sad that it's come to this for my favorite NFL team and favorite player.

Ten years from now hopefully this will all be forgotten, but in the short term, Brett is just coming off as a wishy-washy and immature. You weren't sure about retiring in early March? Than don't do it! You're thinking about coming about changing your mind in late March but then change your mind? Don't tell the team in the first place!

He's mad at Ted Thompson for not trading for Randy Moss and not resigning Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera? The team went 13-3 with the youngest roster in the league last year, man, how can you criticize the GM's roster assembling?

I sure as hell am not losing an sleep over it, but I know people who are, and for everyone's sake I hope for a speedy resolution to this mess.

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