Monday, July 14, 2008

Gophers crack top 25*

*Was reading the Athlon Sports 2008 college football preview, and an early feature section was Ranking the New Coaches of 2007. Minnesota's Tim Brewster came in 24th ... out of 24 new coaches in 2007.

"Brewster talks a good game, and he has done a good job on the recruiting trail, but the results in year one were disastrous. The Gophers ranked last in the nation in total defense en route to their first winless Big Ten season since 1988."

Way to go, Brew!

Later on, in the Minnesota preview, there is a sidebar where Opposing Coaches Size Up Minnesota: "... I don't like those guys. They're arrogant. ..."

This is just hilarious to me. Charlie Weis may be arrogant. But Tim Brewster? How many Super Bowl offenses has he coordinated?

It's one thing to enter a moribund program and be confident and optimistic, to infuse some life. But it's another thing to be arrogant.

Turning over to the Sporting News preview, here's how Minnesota's story leads:

"It wasn't supposed to be like this for Tim Brewster. Mr. Promise, Mr. Enthusiasm, Mr. Energy was Mr. Dud in his debut as Minnesota's coach."

That's from Tom Dienhart of TSN, not some snarky blogger from a rival school. Harsher treatment of the Brew than most other coaches get in the pages of the preview.

In other good news for Minnesota, class act Clint Brewster is transferring away from his dad.

Story here

Absolutely shocking that Brewster the Elder couldn't find a permanent spot in the Dome for such an upstanding young man. Maybe he can follow Taylor Mehlhaff around the country and taunt him for missing kicks.

I know that the best way to deal with an inferior rival is to ignore them, but this Brewster guy just rubs me the wrong way and I want to see him fail badly.


Anonymous said...

i see some resemblance between scott tappa and clint brewster

Matt said...

I'm with you Taps - I can't stand the guy. You would really love him if you lived in the Twin Cities and had to hear his constant hyperbole.

I think it will be interesting to see how many of his highly-ranked recruits actually make it into school.

Scott Tappa said...


Will said...

Saw this a couple of weeks ago, but was finding a post where it would fit....granted UW doesn't always schedule heavyweights, but I found it interesting that Minnesota has scheduled only two non-conference games against BCS opponents in the past 10 years.

As for Brewster, I wouldn't mind the trash-talking if it elevates the program and the rivalry. It would be nice if people talked about the UW-Minnesota rivalry more on the national level...maybe with the new stadium and new "attitude" things will change.