Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aw nuts

Since tonight's game against Marquette was on ESPNU, and I sure as hell wasn't going to travel around Central Wisconsin looking for a bar that had it on, Jana and I took advantage of my parents' generosity watching the boys to go Christmas shopping and enjoy a birthday dinner a few days early.

As we're being seated at the Charcoal Grill in Plover, in which each booth has a framed photo or photo collage pertaining to state sports, I notice that my wife and I are being seated in the Dwyane Wade booth.

It was an omen.

So I didn't listen to or watch the game, glad I didn't. Instead of gnashing my teeth as the lads blew a chance at a really nice win, I was able to spend some quality alone time with Jana, which was needed after spending more than five minutes in Wal-Mart.

Checking the box score:

-When's the last time we had 26 fouls in a game? They shot 10 more free throws and made seven more than we did. Unusual.

-Landry only had five points. We're not going to beat many good teams with our best player scoring five points.

-James, Matthews, and McNeal combined to go 18-for-49. 37% for their big three and we lose.

-On the plus side, Nankivil had 11 and Rob Wilson had seven, that's encouraging.

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