Friday, December 19, 2008


The other day I was reading an update on Jared Berggren, who has not officially announced intentions to redshirt this year, although it certainly seems to be trending that way.

Earlier this year I made a post detailing the history of basketball redshirts under Bo. Although it seems like a bunch of guys have redshirted, it's really only been four: Brian Butch, J.P. Gavinski, Mickey Perry, and DeAaron Williams. Not counting on Gavinski yet, that's a 25% hit ratio, with Butch being the only true success story out of that group.

But that's exactly why I think it would make sense for Berggren to redshirt. He's built like Butch. He faces a logjam of veteran talent ahead of him as a true freshman, like Butch. Hell, he even looks like Butch -- check out that picture of him running up The Hill.

I'm willing to bet that if he trades the 40 or 50 minutes of garbage time he might get this year (minutes that become more and more rare in conference play) for 25-30 minutes a game as a fifth-year senior, it will be best for everyone involved, just like it was for Butch.

To that end, I also like Ryan Evans' decision to redshirt, and think it would have been wise of Ian Markolf to do the same. But who knows? Maybe Ian is planning on graduating in four years and moving on to post-basketball life, so a redshirt doesn't make sense.


Mr.Man said...

So you're not counting Alando and Chappel because they were injury redshirts, right? And did Wilkinson redshirt before Bo got to UW?

Also, Scott, I'd love to hear your opinion about the allegedly lagging fan and student section support at Kohl Center that Rob Schultz has been writing about in the Cap Times.

Scott Tappa said...

Correct on both redshirt counts, Man.

Also, I'll have some time off over the holidays to touch on some things that have been bugging me, and the KC crowd, as covered well by Schultz (and your blog) is definitely a topic.