Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B.J. Tucker sighting

Got a nice email from Brian Hermann the other day, bringing up a name from the not-so-distant Badger past. Here's the story:

I thought I'd write and tell you about a B.J. Tucker sighting…in British Columbia of all places.

Long story short, a colleague of mine in Montreal (named Benoit) is a huge football nut ... played college ball, coached at McGill University for a while and now coaches middle-school aged kids on the side. He tries to get into as many training camps as he can and he found a way to get all access at the BC Lions training camp near Vancouver.

Last week he got all access to all of the practices, film sessions, held clipboards, did some "go for" stuff and got to call out plays during practices. Anyway, B.J. Tucker is new to the team (after not catching on with Dallas and the Niners) and is fighting for a nickel back spot.

Benoit ran into him in the food line and yelled out "Hey Bucky!" and BJ turned and said something like "Aw yeah, Wisconsin all the way." So Benoit talked with him for a while and told him all about his one magical experience at Camp Randall when we beat Michigan in 2007. It sounded like he was excited to talk about UW football for a bit.

Thanks for the story, Brian!

In finding a link for this post, I discovered three things:

a. B.J.'s name Baigeh Joe.
b. He's from Sierra Leone.
c. He had a better senior season than I remembered -- five picks, including one returned for a touchdown, to go along with a fumble recovery and forced fumble.


Brian said...

Quick appears that BJ did not make the team. He was listed on the "Deleted from roster" list.

Tom said...

They replayed the Oregon at Wisconsin game from 2000 on the Big Ten Network. Aside from one deflected pass, BJ got torched that entire game. Seemed like Jason Doering bailed him out every play.

Scott Tappa said...

I was just going to write about that game, Tom, watched it myself. Funny but the only play I remember with him was that deflected pass, but Oregon's receivers were running free all day long.

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