Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swan song

You been watching Fourth and Long? You know, the show where a bunch of not-good-enough-for-the-NFL wide receivers and defensive backs try to impress the awesome presence that is Michael Irvin?

On last week's show, which I watched way too early this morning with the boys (expecting Will to ask "Daddy, why is every other word these guys say 'Bleeeep?'"), Luke Swan finally got some camera time. Unfortunately, it was because he hurt his groin.

In the first live game action of the series, Swan used some poor initial coverage by his defender to get open, then hurt himself pushing off. He didn't make the catch, but drew an interference call.

When it came time for three guys to appear before Irvin, Billy Bates, and Joe Avezanno, Swan admitted he expected to be on the chopping block. (When I explained that Luke might be getting cut, Will said "Like with a sword?") This was sort of refreshing, given that the other wannabes on the show consider themselves the second coming of Irvin and Deion Sanders.

During the grilling process, Irvin and the coaches talked to Luke about his injury history, and whether, even though he is physically recovered from the horrific hamstring injury he suffered against Illinois in 2007, he could ever mentally get past it.

Alas, Swan survived the cut, to the astonishment of the guy who didn't. He's a good bet to get cut in this week's show, as he hasn't really done much to distinguish himself yet, and you know, the groin. As Will B noted earlier, his best chance to impress would have been in game situation, when his getting open skills would be on display. Alas, that window slammed shut in a hurry.

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