Monday, December 21, 2009

The majors

On the topic of academics, I found this in a post on the other night while reading endless speculation about the Jeronne Maymon deal at Marquette and what it means (which, for the record, Badgercentric will refrain from entering).

From "idoublebogie" comparing majors for players at MU and UW:

Vander (Blue)'s Mom should look at this :

Acker - Comm. Studies
Butler - Undecided (he's a JUNIOR)
Buycks - Comm. Studies
Cadougan - Undecided
Cubillan - Undecided (he's a SENIOR)
Fulce - Undecided (JUNIOR)
Hayward - Social Welfare
Johnson-Odom - Undecided
Maymon - Undecided
Mbao - Undecided
Otule - Undecided
Williams - Undecided

Berggren - Undecided
Bohannon - Business Marketing
Bruiser - Undecided
Evans - Business
Gavinski - Human Ecology
Hughes - Life Sciences Communications
Jarmusz - Business
Leuer - Business
Markolf - Finance
Nankivil - Engineering
Taylor - Marketing
Wilson - Human Ecology

Now, there's an old saying about people who live in glass houses, and UW athletics is certainly not above reproach academically. Just look at that recent report indicating that Miami is actually ahead of Wisconsin in terms of its football program's academic performance.

But that's an impressive roster of majors for our guys. The two Undecideds are freshmen, and you see plenty of challenging majors like engineering, business, finance.

Conversely if you're Buzz Williams and you look at your guys' collective record of academic "focus," you ought to be embarrassed.