Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UW-Illinois thoughts

You know what I hate? Shoveling snow.

You know what I really hate? Shoveling snow after the Badgers lose a home game.

You know what I really hate? Shoveling snow after the Badger lose a home game to Illinois.

But hey, Illinois deserved to win tonight, nothing cheap about it. They played great. Or, more accurately, Demetri McCamey played brilliantly, Mike Tisdale played very well, and the rest of the team knew enough to get those two guys the ball.

The box score says McCamey missed six shots. That must have happened when I was changing Charlie's diaper. When he shot tonight, did you think there was any way on Earth he was going to miss? Our defense on him wasn't the best I've seen a Badger guard play, but it wasn't terrible, either. He was just making everything.

And he had seven assists too? Good lord. Great player, what are you going to do?

Offensively, these are the types of games that are bound to happen when you have no post presence. At some points those jump shots don't go in every time.

As pretty as Keaton Nankivil's jumper is, wouldn't you like to see him try a post move or two every game? Pop got shots shots inside the arc but they were under duress. Jordan Taylor missed a layup with the Badgers down four late, that was huge. Rob Wilson missed two free throws with the game tied or close to it. J-Bo played well again.

The home court angle aside, this isn't a bad loss at all, Illinois is good and has a chance to win the Big Ten. UW just has to snap out of this and take care of business Saturday against Indiana.


Anonymous said...

Did you think that some of the high pick by Illinois should have been called for offensive fouls? I recall one called in the first half and none in the second. I thought a high percentage of them could have been called moving picks.

Scott Tappa said...

Good question, but I don't think our defense earned the right to have those called moving picks. For as long as I can remember, the only recurring gripe I've had about the Badgers' defense has been that we switch too easily on the high pick and roll and get caught in awkward situations. The first time I remember thinking this was in a game against Marquette where Diener lit us up.

If our guard really made an attempt to fight over a high screen and the screener stayed with it too long or moved, then I could see a foul being warranted, but I don't think our guards do that.

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