Monday, January 28, 2013

Senor Joe's Breakfast Beeritos

Got your attention? Good.

You know Oppermacher as a creator of fine apparel, but did you know we can cook, too? For Senor Joe's Breakfast Beeritos, we are opening up our recipe books (and dusting off our thesauruses) and shifting the paradigm.

Here's the deal: buy the recipe, get the shirt.

Here's what you must be wondering: the shirt looks cool, but why in the world would we want this recipe? Fair question. Here's an anecdote.

Before Christmas our designer had going-away party for a co-worker. Senor Joe insisted on making a batch of the Beeritos for her to take in. The ingredients alone cost $78.46! The guy responsible for paying the grocery bill cried ...

... tears of joy! The Beeritos were the single best thing he'd ever consumed at a work party! That includes shrimp, cocktail weenies, cheesy potatoes, Rice Krispie treats, goulash, and the cake with the good frosting. The Beeritos were sooooooooo good! And how could they not be, after all? As Joe says, "Fortified with Beer, so you know they're good."

Thankfully, there were leftovers, and we brought the Beeritos home. Double thankfully, they include onions (the only ingredient we'll reveal here), so our boys didn't eat them -- more for us! We had it for five straight meals.

So yeah, the shirt's cool, but you really need to make the $14.99 investment in this recipe. Everyone you know and cook for will love you for it.

Senor Joe's Breakfast Beeritos

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