Monday, January 12, 2009


At the risk of sounding like a woman or Abe Simpson ... have you noticed the hairstyles being worn by certain Big Ten players this year? It's a return to basics, and I like it.

No more cornrows for Raymar Morgan, Marquise Gray, and Chris Allen of Michigan State, Chester Frazier of Illinois, or Stanley Pringle of Penn State. Even Carmelo Anthony has gone basic. No more muffin top or curly 'fro for PSU's Talor Battle.

What's the deal? Did Tom Izzo and Ed DeChellis put their feet down and demand a more respectable appearance from their players? Did the upkeep become too much of an expense in these recessionary times? Were these guys' old hairstyles attracting too many women and impinging on their study time?

Whatever the case, I'm in favor. What's next, a decrease in tattooed ballers, or earrings? We can only hope.

(What's that you say? You're just bitter because you started going bald at age 24? Nah ...)

Raymar Morgan

Marquise Gray

Stanley Pringle

Talor Battle


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