Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NFL Badgers

Last week Corby asked me my thoughts on the most successful Badgers currently playing in the NFL. [ADD: In general, this is based on 2008 performances.] What do you think?

1. Joe Thomas

2. Jim Leonhard

3. Owen Daniels - did you realize he had the third-most receiving yards of any tight end this year?

4. Lee Evans

5. Chris Chambers

6. Mark Tauscher

7. Casey Rabach

8. Aaron Stecker

9. Jim Sorgi

10. Alex Lewis

11. Nick Hayden


Anonymous said...

Is this based on this year's NFL season or career? I think Tauscher's career has been the best of the list. Mike Schneck and Nick Greisen have had good careers.

Scott Tappa said...

Good question - this list is based on 2008 performances. Otherwise I'd have to agree with you on Tausch.

frank said...

Sorry folks, I like Tausch too, but Joe Thomas has already accomplished more. The guy is one of the best 20 players in the NFL right now. He's been to two Pro Bowls (was the fourth rookie OL to make a Pro Bowl), Tausch has been to none I believe. Thomas plays a tougher position, too. Tausch has been a very good right tackle for some years, Thomas might be the best left tackle in football. This really is no contest.

And I'd have to stick Evans at No. 2, he had a 1,000-yard season with some baaaad quarterbacks.

Tom said...

I'm pretty sure that James Sorgi is the only one on that list with a Super Bowl ring, correct?

Scott Tappa said...

Pretty sure you're right on Sorgi. Can't think of any other Super Bowl-winning Badgers from recent years, I'm sure I would have been pulling for them.

ruffian96 said...

If were talking this year it has to be Daniels as he's going to the Pro Bowl but Leonard also had a good season with Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Stecker and Mike Sowold won rings with Tampa Bay in 2003.