Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tweetin' Brew

The other day our good friend Erik Olson, aka EAEO, alerted me to Tim Brewster's Twitter feed.

Lots of good stuff here. Take this, from March 25:

It is a great day to be a Minnesota Golden Gopher!! Practice film #1 showed excellent effort. Defense was flying around. GO GOPHERS!!

OK dude, let's be honest: March 25 wasn't a great day to be anyone in the Midwest. I don't remember exactly what that day was like for me, but odds are it was cold and raining and unemployment was reaching recent record levels somewhere around here. Apparently the best way to overcome this and force a positive attitude on yourself and those around you involves two steps:

-Turn on your Caps Lock
-Hit Shift-1 for the exclamation point early and often

Here's my second-favorite nugget:

Vince Vaughn is a big Gopher football fan!!

Brew's so money, and apparently he knows it!

Then again, at least Brew's offering something. Check out our Coach B's page.

Umm, come on coach, say something! You don't want to lose the Border Twitter Battle! Tell 'em about how Fonzie and Andy North love the Badgers! Remember to use lots of capital letters and exclamation points!
It will be interesting to see if Twitter takes hold as a widely popular means of communication on par with Facebook. I signed up a couple years ago, forgot about it, then started Tweeting again because some of our groups at work are trying it.


Toohey said...

Wow. Brew really must be drinking his own Kool-Aid. GO GOPHERS!!

Brian said...

What a...FRIGGIN TOOL!!!! GO BUCKY!!!!!