Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring game photos: Quarterbacks

Curt Phillips looked perfectly comfortable running the first-string offense during the spring game. It certainly seemed that he had the unit in scoring position just about every time he stepped in under center. Speaking of which, he looked fine under center, after playing the spread in high school.

As advertised, Phillips showed some good wheels, this time running a bootleg left.

This would be a scene I'd like to see a lot in the next four years.

As mentioned Saturday, I liked what I saw from Dustin Sherer's new throwing motion. It made me cringe every time he threw the ball last year, but I think this motion will suit him well the more he gets comfortable with it. It's a higher release point, and has less of a hitch. He threw the one interception that was returned for a touchdown (while I was taking Will to the bathroom, didn't see it), but other than that looked good.

Phillips wasn't the only one who looked good running the bootleg. sherer was pretty good too.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see Phillips get the nod. Having some stability at quarterback would be an extremely welcome change after the one and done QBs of the past couple years.

The kid is in his first year of eligibility and has no where to go but up. If he's comfortable with the offense now, I say give him a shot and let's build the next four years around him.

Anonymous said...

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