Sunday, May 3, 2009

Draft thoughts

What, you thought I'd given up on this blog? Naw, I was just in Florida, playing the dogs and getting some sun without access to the Internet (okay, we had dial-up, but that doesn't count).

Was very excited to watch the draft -- hoped to have more than four guys picked, and expected to, but at the same time pleased all four Badger draftees went in the third round, and happy with the situation they're in. To recap:

Matt Shaughnessy, Raiders: Terrible team, so there has to be playing time available, right? Derrick Burgess is the only defensive end on Oakland's roster that I've heard of, so hopefully there's some playing time available for Matt right away. It will be interesting to see if Shaughnessy can take his game to another level, from simply above-average to very good.

DeAndre Levy, Lions: Did I say terrible team? Sounds like Levy's going to get a chance to start in the middle right off the bat, which is interesting since I can't remember him going anywhere near the middle with Wisconsin. Ernie Sims is a player, and Julian Peterson a recent acquisition, so there's some talent at the position; Jordan Dizon was a recent high draft pick. And don't forget about Alex Lewis, who manages to stick around in the league while more highly-touted Badgers have packed it in.

Kraig Urbik, Steelers: Can't beat going to the defending Super Bowl champions, right? If I was a lineman, Mike Tomlin seems like the type of guy I'd want to play for.

Travis Beckum, Giants: This is a great situation for Travis. Kevin Boss is a solid starter at tight end for New York, but Becks has to be a better receiver. Plus, the team lost Plaxico Burress, and even after drafting wideout Hakeem Nicks it wouldn't be surprising to see Beckum immediately play an important role in the team's third-down package.

After the third round concluded, I remarked to Jana's Uncle John, who you may recall is a Michigan State fan, "I can't believe this team had so many talented seniors and went 7-6." Oh well, let's just hope these guys carve out solid professional careers that help entice future recruits to Madison.

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Will said...

Happy to see the blog back.

I am also happy that the Giants drafted Beckum. When it gets pretty cold and windy at Giants Stadium in the late fall/early winter, Eli Manning will be happy to have Beckum. We need as many options for Manning as possible, and the Giants think Beckum will shine in those intermediate routes where he is much faster off the ball than Boss.