Monday, May 25, 2009

Fourth and Long

Not really a reality TV type of guy, but when there's a former Badger on a show, I'll watch. I loved Luke Swan as a Badger, and that affection is the only reason I would watch a reality show created and hosted by Michael Irvin, probably my least favorite athlete of all time.

The show is Fourth and Long, and I'm gearing up to watch the second episode tonight. It's an interesting premise: a bunch of borderline wide receivers and defensive backs are battling for a chance to try out for the Cowboys. Luke, you'll remember, saw most of his shot at an NFL future evaporate when his hamstring ripped from its bone against Illinois in 2007 -- they show the clip.

I didn't see the entire first episode, but in the instances Swan showed up he didn't look great. In a special teams gunner drill he got handled pretty good. When they ran 40-yard dashes after grueling workouts, he ran a 4.8, which I thought might not be that bad but which just about every guy thereafter beat. My guess is he'll be one of the first guys cut, but his time on the show will be good publicity for the program, and good for him for not letting his dream die.

Watch Swan on Spike while you can. After he's gone, the highlight of the show will be listening to Irvin's motivational rants, which as you know is no highlight at all.

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