Sunday, May 10, 2009

J.P. Tokoto

Looks like Bo Ryan and friends have extended a scholarship offer to a youngster from the Milwaukee area: 6-foot-5 J.P. Tokoto of Menomonee Falls. This has me more excited than usual.

Why? Because my sister and brother-in-law live in the Falls. Sara is a teacher in the school district and coached the JV volleyball team last fall. Nick is a former star athlete at the school who went on to start four years at cornerback for UW-La Crosse. He took in a fair number of Falls games this winter.

So, hearing the news, I asked Nick what he thought of this Tokoto kid. To paraphrase, Nick said he was surprised the scholarship offer came so early. J.P. is very athletic and good off the dribble, but needs work on his outside game. His length and quickness make him a good shot blocker and rebounder, and with more consistency he could turn into a top-notch defender.

Definitely has all the tools.

I'm always a little leery of offering kids this early, but this seems like a sound move. First off, he's a Wisconsin kid, and second, sounds like he's an athletic kid with a lot of upside.

We're sure to have competition from Marquette and some other worthy opponents on the recruiting trail, but at least we can say we were there first (would never have happened if Tan Cream was still at MU, he would have offered Tokoto two or three years ago!).


Tom said...

did anyone else hear that Vander Blue decommitted? I believe he was a verbal commit from Madison Memorial.

Millie said...

The other cool thing about Tokoto is that his dad is Brian Oliver of GTech fame. Good shooting is in the genes, so I would imagine that his outside game will come around.

Matt said...

I have not officially heard that Blue decommitted but all signs are pointing that way. Rumor is some of the ACC big boys like UNC and Duke are trying to get in on him.

I can't really blame him for taking a look seeing as though he's only 15-16. Hopefully, he does decide to stay in Madison.

Scott Tappa said...

I had no idea JP was Brian Oliver's son. Wonder how he ended up in suburban Milwaukee, don't recall Oliver spending any time with the Bucks.

Scott Tappa said...

Regarding the Blue situation: I'm trying to see what, if anything, concrete comes out of this before making a post about it.

But the rumors have been out there for awhile, and it's not surprising that a kid that age, who committed so early, would rethink things. This is the game you play when recruiting top kids, and sometimes you get burned. As Schwib says, hopefully that doesn't happen here.

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