Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rappin' rappin' rappin'

Erik Olson sent a Tweet to the world the other day regarding a most unlikely subject: Alando Tucker's music career.

Yes, Alando Tucker's music career.

Read all about it in this story at Slam Online. It's interesting. And listen to it all. It's, um, interesting.

The three tracks are called "Someone," "I'll Holla" and "Role Play."

A quick review: it's not bad ... but it's not good. It's sort of paint-by-numbers hip hop, from unscripted mid-verse chuckling to gratuitous use of the N word, from grand tales of lovemaking to guest appearances.

Alando tells Slam that rap is not something he does to make money, which is good thing.

Here's something even more amusing: Tuck and Shaq get together to make what looks like a music-free version of the Beastie Boys' Sabotage video, with Alando starring as Billy Ray Badger. Not sure what the video was for, but it looks like it was 98% ad-libbed.

It is the rare athlete who makes the transition to legitimate actor or musician. Alando ain't no Carl Weathers or Wayman Tisdale, but God bless him for trying.

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Toohey said...

Wow. That video was bad.