Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fightin' the Irish?

Just got a notice on Twitter that Barry Alvarez discussed on the radio today the possibility of adding Notre Dame to Wisconsin's non-conference football schedule in a few years.

To which I say, It's about time.

Yesterday on my drive home from the UP, I passed a car near Green Bay with University of Minnesota and USC stickers. Didn't know if it had any significance, but I did read in a Tom Oates column last week that Minnesota has lined up USC for its schedule in the future; I was jealous. Also, Michigan State has lined up Alabama in a Nick Saban reunion matchup.

There is no reason we can't reach high. I have in the past defended our non-conference scheduling, and believe the likes of Arizona State, Fresno State and Oregon State are solid opponents. But Notre Dame, that's a brand name program. Heck, I can remember when Ohio State hosted the Irish a few years ago and they had T-shirts made for the occasion -- sort of bush league for a brand name program like OSU, but it underscores the power of the Notre Dame name.

Interestingly, for the last 15 years, we have been consistently better than Notre Dame, but building your program into a brand name takes a long time. Hopefully we can catch the Irish in yet another down cycle if they land on our schedule ... although it would be nice to beat up on Charlie Weis. I'd like us to get the chance.

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