Monday, May 4, 2009

Free agent thoughts

A little bit surprised that P.J. Hill and Jonathan Casillas weren't drafted, their issues notwithstanding. The nice thing is, their baggage (injuries for JC, running into Open Pantrys for PJ) are pretty much irrelevant now that they'll be in pro camps.

Thoughts on these guys and the other free agent signees:

Hill, Saints: The consensus is New Orleans was a good landing spot for P.J., what with Deuce McAllister leaving, but I don't know. Pierre Thomas was pretty good last year (for my fantasy team!), Reggie Bush is Reggie Bush, and Mike Bell and Aaron Stecker have been solid pros. I'm guessing P.J. doesn't make the team and ends up on someone's practice squad.

Casillas, Saints: Conversely, as long as Casillas gets healthy, I think he makes this team on the merits of special teams play. I can see him being a guy who plays on those units for several years while he puts on weight and learns a defense, then makes an impact there in his third year.

Andy Kemp, Vikings: I hope he's terrible with Minnesota, gets cut, and goes on to a successful career somewhere else.

Mike Newkirk, Rams: Can't see him making the team, unless he can do some things on special teams.

Chris Pressley, Bengals: They've got a lot of average players in the backfield, but if Pressley is similar to his competition in talent, he may get an edge because of his character and leadership abilities, both sorely lacking in Cincinnati.

Bill Rentmeester, Chargers: Joins Michael Bennett in San Diego. Stop me if you've heard this before, but ... he can make this team with standout special teams play. Actually, of all these guys he's got the best track record, so it's not implausible.

Jason Chapman and Dave Peck were invited to try out with the Redskins and Bears. Of those two Peck has a better shot of making someone's roster, since he's a long snapper.


Tom said...

It will be interesting to see how the Travis Beckum-Eli Manning connection works out. Michigan's Mario Manningham received a lot of the same commentary when the Giants drafted him last year. There was hype around Eli having another receiver. Do you know how many receiving yards Mario Manningham had last year? He had 26 yards. And -12 rushing yards.

Will said...

In Manningham's defense, he was hurt in early in training camp and that obviously will damage a rookie's chance for significant playing time.

The Giants also had Burress, Toomer and Steve Smith at the start of the year, so Manningham wasn't in their plans as a key guy.

But you are right, drafting rookie wide receivers/tight ends is not an exact science. I am a Giants fan and have been wondering since the draft if they should have traded some of these picks to land Edwards.

Anonymous said...

Kemp has All-Pro written all over him in purple. Austy

Millie said...

It will be interesting to see Kemp block for Favre this fall.