Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jason Eck

I found the info on Eddie Faulkner in a roundabout way: searching for info on Jason Eck. Who the heck is Jason Eck? you ask.

He was a backup lineman for the Badgers in the late 1990s. Didn't play much, but I did remember the name.

So why the heck was I searching for info on Jason Eck? Because he apparently wrote something very funny on Twitter and I wanted to see it. What was it? According to columnist Pat Forde, Eck had this to say on the Sunday before the season started:

"Players off today … unlike Michigan."

Ha! Funny stuff. But I say "apparently" because when I visited Eck's Twitter page, the post Forde references is gone. Guess the Ball State athletic department staff got a little squeamish about having something so candid attached to it out there. Don't want to insult Mighty Michigan when they're going through a rough patch, do we?

It's this sort of sporting political correctness that leaves us with boring drones like Bill Belichick and Mike McCarthy filling the airwaves and reporters' notebooks with bland cliches that tell us nothing. Give Eck credit for being clever, even if, judging by his team's season opening performance, it appears that some Sunday practice might help them.

Sheesh, Testicle Tech (as my old boss in Fremont used to call Ball State; it's clever, get it?) needs to get some balls.


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