Monday, September 14, 2009

J.P. Tokoto

Saturday's game against Fresno State was obviously important for the football team, but it was equally important for the basketball team. Why? J.P. Tokoto was planning on being there.

Remember when we talked about him a few months ago after Bo Ryan offered him a scholarship? Apparently he's been blowing up since then.

When my brother-in-law told me Tokoto had been making the rounds through Tobacco Road, picking up heavy interest, I was surprised. From what I'd been told, he was a good, athletic prospect who had many areas for improvement. Looks like he's made the improvements. Duke and Kansas are among the other schools who have offered him a scholarship.

He's Rivals' #4 in the class of 2012. Wow, it's rare for a Wisconsin kid to reach those heights. Would be great to get him in Madison. Hope he likes Jump Around.


frye said...

Did you mean Wofford instead of Fresno State?

I;m pretty sure this kid is the reason Duke gave the okay to play us here in Madison.

Scott Tappa said...

Good catch, Frye, but I actually wrote that post in the week leading up to the Fresno game and then rescheduled it, so it was the Fresno game that he was going to be at.

Funny line about Duke giving the okay ...