Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Gopher stadium

What game is the Big Ten Network showing? I see a team with all yellow uniforms and glittery helmets playing in a cute little stadium ... is this a large-school Texas high school game?

Oh, that's TCF Bank Stadium. That's Minnesota's new stadium. And those uniforms might be worse than anything Oregon's ever thrown on. Probably not.

Switching back and forth between this game and Ohio State-USC, it seems to me that Adam Weber throws to Eric Decker on every single play. And he seems to be open every single time. I'd double-cover that guy if I was the team with the lightning bolt on its helmet.


Toohey said...

Nice call Taps. I was thinking the same thing. Weber to Decker seems to be their only offense. That said, our secondary needs to get a lot better if we hope to stop them in a few weeks.

I also think those unis suck. My first thought was that it was hot and everyone must be sweating through, but there's two different color/types of fabric. I didn't notice the glitter in the helmets until later. Next thing you know, they'll be putting little squirrels on their helmets for "big plays."

Scott Tappa said...

And then Brewster will be talking about the squirrel stickers on the Big Ten Network commercial.

Decker is really good, it seems like he's always open. I think our game will be a shootout and be tight at the end. Their stadium will look different (on TV at least) when they play a day game.