Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Ten thoughts

Lots of action at the top of the conference this weekend, but not much cleared up. As a Facebook friend of mine noted, Ohio State's convincing win over Penn State was less an indication of the Buckeyes' strength than it was of the Big Ten's mediocrity.

1. Iowa. Won't be the 2002 Ohio State of the 2009 season after all. Still think they're better than OSU this year, I guess we'll find out next week. If Ricky Stanzi can't go I don't like their odds.

2. Ohio State. Lots of talk about Terrelle Pryor after the Penn State win, but he still only threw for 125 yards and completed less than 50% of his passes. Iowa's defense is going to eat him up. But OSU should still win.

3. Wisconsin. Didn't look great in Bloomington, but appear to be the best of the rest.

4. Penn State. Mainly because these guys aren't all that convincing. The next two weeks, when we play teams that PSU beat convincingly, will be a good indicator.

5. Northwestern. Not so long ago they seemed dead in the water, headed for a disappointing season, but now they're bowl eligible and pulled off the biggest stunner of the year in the conference.

6. Michigan State. They're back! Oh wait, only Michigan gets to say that after beating Western Michigan.

7. Purdue. Michigan isn't playing well right now, but winning there for the first time in 43 years is huge for the program. Makes their performance in Madison look like an aberration.

8. Minnesota. Lose to Illinois at home? Yeesh.

9. Illinois. Or maybe these guys are just finally playing to their potential.

10. Indiana.

11. Michigan. Both teams suffered close losses at home, but Indiana's was to the better team. Also, unlike Michigan, the Hoosiers own at least one win over a Division 1 team since October.

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