Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UW-Arizona in Hawaii?

Did you watch the Badger basketball game in Hawaii last night? I didn't -- but recorded it and am watching it right now. Would rather be sleeping, but Charlie apparently would not.

Know that we won, which is great. Know that we got off to a great defensive start. Know that Pop played well, as did Nankivil, who had another explosive dunk. Know that we will typically need Jon Leuer to play more than 10 minutes to beat good teams.

I'm only midway through the first half right now, but the last thing I know is that Mike Bruesewitz looked very impressive against the Wildcats -- active, physical, versatile. See that he earned 22 minutes of playing and grabbed seven rebounds, three offensive. Frankly, if he's good enough to do that on a semi-regular basis I'll be pleasantly surprised and we'll be that much deeper and better.

At the point I'm at in the game we're shooting too many jumpers and not getting to the line, but overall the play has been good.

So we've got Gonzaga tonight. They looked very tough to me in playing Michigan State down to the wire in Lansing, so we'll have our hands full. But it's a prime time game on ESPN during a big college basketball week, so we're already winners.


Ryan said...

You were dead on about Bruesewitz. He looked real good last night. The way the coaches were talking up Berggren, I expected more out of him. He did not impress me.

The announcers made a good point. It will be a little difficult for Gonzaga to have scouted Wisconsin because their lineups were nowhere near what they usually throw out there. At one point they had four guards and Bruesewitz, who isn't even that tall.

They need to stay out of foul trouble and make their free throws, but I think this win will help them if they're on the bubble come tournament time.

Scott Tappa said...

Was it me, or did Bruiser looked taller than you expected?

I'm halfway through the second half right now, and seeing what kind of time Leuer and Nankivil spent on the bench because of foul trouble, I never would have thought we would have pulled it out, but that makes it an even better win.