Sunday, November 22, 2009

UW-Northwestern box score

Reviewing the box score from our loss in Evanston, there still wasn't much to like.

-Wayne Larrivee and Chris Martin (who I probably came down on too hard on Saturday) kept talking about how Northwestern pushes tempo and shoots for 80 offensive plays. Turns out they ran 66 and we ran 65.

-They had nine penalties. If they had played a clean second half, the final score probably wouldn't have been that close.

-Same with third down conversions. The finals were 6-of-14 for them, 4-of-13 for us, but they were converting over 50% until near the end. This is an area in which we've really improved this year, on both sides of the ball, but Saturday we weren't good on third down.

-Have we run that end around to Lance Kendricks since he gained almost 100 yards on it during the Purdue game? Why not?

-Who was our defensive star of the game? Blake Sorensen led in tackles but didn't seem to make any big plays. Devin Smith broke up two passes and had seven tackles, but seemed to get burned in coverage on a regular basis. Jae McFadden had a tackle for loss and fumble recovery, but also had a blatant facemask penalty.

Chris Borland had a quiet game, credited with a forced fumble but seeing the replay I question that. O'Brien Schofield and J.J. Watt were effectively neutralized. Niles Brinkley had a big hit on Northwestern's last real possession to break up a third down pass.

How about Jeff Stehle, who tipped a pass and had a sack?


Alan said...

Regardless of what the "experts" say, the d-line (any d-line) will not get pressure on the qb if the corners and backers don't play bump/press coverage on short timing routes. PERIOD

To top it off, Dorean kept inserting the 3-3-5 package on third downs in the first half. It DOESN'T work if there is no press coverage, which there wasn't.

The second half when the d got a "little" better, watch Watt put tons of pressure on the QB all third and fourth quarter out of the base D.(he's not in on the 3-3-5). He was so close on many plays it had to hurt.

All that was needed was to BUMP a damn receiver in that situation but Dorean kept playing soft zone.

Trust me, IT'S NOT ALL ON THE PLAYERS. The schemes and assignments put many players in unworkable situations.

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