Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Badgers shouldn't dance

Got a link to this video in the daily men's basketball update last week, and got around to watching it several days later. It's from the proceedings at Night of the Grateful Red, the basketball team's annual kickoff practice open to the public. All I can say is oh ... my ... god.

When I got done watching the Brett Valentyn dance number, I turned around to look at Charlie, who until then had been hopping away in his Jumperoo but had gone quiet. He had a look of stunned silence on his face, as if he had seen a ghost. Or a bunch of basketball players trying to dance. The look continued through that ridiculous group number at the end.

After that I couldn't stop laughing. Give it a view and your reaction will be the same.

It seems like the fellas had fun with it, and that's all that count. But it ain't gonna get YouTube play like Bo Ryan's Soulja Boy did last year.


Matt said...

You know when you're watching something alone and you still feel embarrassed? This is a perfect example.

That...was...brutal. They need some X dance in there.

Corby said...

"Badgers shouldn't dance" is not a new revelation...you should know that Tappa, you were at the Evans Scholars House circa 1995/96...even 12 years later Badgers shouldn't dance.

Scott Tappa said...

You're right Corby, with one X-ception: Schwalbach and his patented moves.

Matt said...

I am now embarrassed after reading your witty play on words, Taps.

That was something my Scrabble-playing aunt would come up with.