Saturday, November 29, 2008

UW-UWM thoughts

Before my superficial game recap, a question: has anyone been able to get the live video stream to work reasonably well on the Big Ten Network's website? I've been shut out thus far this season. Thankfully the in-game live blog has been a very good source of play-by-play and in-game commentary, check it out if you're getting nowhere on live broadcasts.

Sounds like we had a nice defensive effort to close out a Panthers team that was without Ricky Franklin. Krabby was strong early and finished with a double-double. Pop shot well, 4-for-4 on 3-pointers. Leuer had nine points, and again on a positive note took no 3-pointers.

I'm starting to get worried about J-Bo, who came into the game shooting 31% from the field and 28% on 3-pointers, then went 0-for-6 and 0-for-4 on those shots today. At least he made all four of his free throws. This would be more troubling if he hadn't gotten off to a slow start before rebounding last year.

Seems like an eight-man rotation is shaping up: Hughes, J-Bo, Nankivil, Landry, and Krabby starting, with Leuer, Taylor, and Jarmusz the first three off the bench. Rob Wilson is #9, and I can see him getting significant minutes against guard-heavy teams like Marquette, Texas, and Michigan State.

Virginia Tech up Monday, should be a great game.


olson said...

Just wanted to check in on this Thanksgiving weekend and say I'm thankful for your work here, T.

To have a daily spot for well-written, well-researched, fan-perspective Badger coverage has been really great. Keep up the good work.

(And here's to hoping J-Bo snaps out of it soon!)

Scott Tappa said...

Thanks EO, glad you're reading, and thanks to everyone else who tunes in regularly and comments.