Friday, November 7, 2008

UW-Indiana preview

More than in past seasons, every game the Badgers play this season seems to have major bearing on how I feel about the rest of the season.

After we beat Fresno, I thought we were a bona fide BCS bowl contender. Never mind that our offense didn't do much against a defense that has proven to be lackluster, and our defense gave up big plays to a mediocre offense.

With about nine minutes to go against Michigan State, I was thinking that we had a good chance of running the regular season table, finishing 8-4, and going to a halfway decent bowl game. Never mind that we were being flagged every other play and couldn't cover someone named Blair White.

Now I'm thinking we might lose to a bad Indiana team this weekend and maybe finish 5-7. Never mind that our offense produced two 100-yard rushers last week and our defense held arguably the best running back in the country to less than 60 yards rushing. Who knows?

Kellen Lewis, the one Hoosier who strikes fear in you, has been battling an ankle injury and it looks like he'll play Saturday. Their defensive line is injury-riddled. They have some talented players in the front seven, but are pretty weak at cornerback.

We ought to win this game easily. I won't be satisfied with a team that fulfills the basics of lining up correctly and not committing 10 penalties. This is a must-win game.

Too bad it's a must-win in order to stay in contention for spending Christmas in Michigan, a state which has been nightmarish for our boys this season.

Wisconsin 27, Indiana 17

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