Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas in Detroit?

Are we getting ahead of ourselves in regard to bowl destinations? InTom Oates' column following our win over Minnesota on Saturday he had a good line about Phoenix being 32 degrees warmer than Detroit in December. Which naturally makes the Insight Bowl a more attractive destination than the Motor City Bowl.

At first blush, I'd agree, but ...

-As the Journal Sentinel notes, we aren't guaranteed a bowl berth, even though we're bowl-eligible. A win over Cal Poly on Saturday would do the trick, but that's a really good team and far from a sure thing for us.

-In that Oates column Chris Pressley says:
  • "I'll go anywhere, but I don't really want to go to Detroit," fullback Chris Pressley said. "I want to go somewhere warm."
The talk around the breakfast table at the Polzin house Sunday morning was that we're in no position to badmouth any potential bowl destination. Some day -- perhaps even this year -- going to Detroit will be our only option, and I sure as hell would rather go to Detroit than go to no bowl game. Implying that we're too good for any bowl game is arrogant, and I don't want our program to be in that spot.
(I actually don't think that's what Pressley is implying, it probably is just as simple as wanting to be warm.)

Detroit wouldn't be so bad. We'd take the whole family, get to see Jana's family, etc. Can't imagine many Badger fans share my feelings.


Matt said...

Also, any bowl is good because you get the extra practice time. Knowing that we will have a lot of young guys playing next year, it's not a year you want to miss out on that practice time.

Not that I would want to go to a bowl game in Detroit but it's the best for the program.

Mr.Man said...

The problem with the Motor City Bowl is that we could play Ball State, if they don't get invited to a better game. That could be very ugly.

Duff Beach said...

Gotta beat Cal Poly first. Imagine a good Navy team with a credible passing threat. It's far from a foregone conclusion.

Tempe is just much nicer than Detroit in December.

Scott Tappa said...

Totally agree with all three of you's guys. The downside to the Motor City Bowl is not so much the location, but that playing a MAC team is a no-win situation, and Man's right - Ball State would be favored in a matchup with UW. And beating Cal Poly is no sure thing, I'm scared crapless about them. The good thing is Appalachian State happened last year, so we shouldn't be blindly overconfident.