Sunday, March 15, 2009

Florida State again?

Well, we're in. Even though I said a 12 seed might be appropriate for us, when I see how some of these other teams are seeded, it's puzzling.

Whatever. Haven't seen FSU play at all this year until today against Duke, but know they have a great scorer in Toney Douglas.
Can't say it seems like an unwinnable matchup, but we have to make some shots.

We're heading north on 65 now, and my thumbs have about had it, as has my brain. I'll check back in tomorrow night.


Edward said...

I think it is best possible outcome we could hope for. Do I think the Badgers will win? Not the way this season is going. CAN they win at least 2 games in this draw? Yes. A win or two would go a long way to salvage an otherwise down season.

olson said...

I agree with Edward. When the pairing came up, I was actually a bit more hopeful than I thought I'd be. Making FSU fly across the country to play the late game on Fri in Boise? Could've been a lot worse. Now, when they come out flat and get drilled, like against Arizona a few years back... I reserve the right to completely change my mind.

Millie said...

Hey EO, maybe if we don't meet at Champp's in Minneapolis for the game they'll be able to avoid a Zona-like drubbing. Just a thought.

I think that the matchup is pretty solid. FSU isn't going to run up and down the court. If Pop can contain Douglas at all, the Badgers should have a shot, and you have to like the thought of a 2nd-round matchup against Xavier.

Will said...

Yeah, the seeding makes sense. I would be bummed if I was an FSU fan: instead of making the trip to Miami to see your team play, you are probably watching them in your living room.

My NCAA trip crew is going to Miami this year. I'm excited to see Cleveland State and Temple and Wake. But this is actually the third time in the five years of this trip that we are seeing Arizona play! Pretty odd.

Matt said...

I, too, like this set-up for Bucky. Although I really like FSU coming into the tournament, I think this is a better match-up than any of the possible 10-7 pairings. It's also a big plus that they would likely face Xavier in the second round.

That said, I still see a one-and-done scenario for this team. Really, not that bad considering where this team was in late January/early February.

Corby said...

I am most excited about the time slot. Late on Friday night after the kids are in bed...just me, HD and college hoops uninterrupted...a win would be the cherry on top.

Anonymous said...

I hope Landry isn't distracted. His brother was shot in the leg.

Anonymous said...

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