Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My picks

Probably not going to fill out a bracket this year. Haven't for a few years, just can't get that worked up about it for whatever reason. But since I know you're wondering, here are my picks for the tournament.

Louisville def. Morehead State, Ohio State def. Siena, Utah def. Arizona, Wake Forest def. Cleveland State, West Virginia def. Dayton, Kansas def. North Dakota State, USC def. Boston College, Michigan State def. Robert Morris

Louisville def. Ohio State, Utah def. Wake Forest, Kansas def. West Virginia, Michigan State def. USC

Louisville def. Utah, Kansas def. Michigan State

Kansas def. Louisville (haven't seen Kansas play much this year, and don't know that much about them, but I like the Collins-Aldrich combo; they'll probably lose in the first round.)

UConn def. Chattanooga, Texas A&M def. BYU, Purdue def. Northern Iowa, Washington def. Mississippi State, Marquette def. Utah State, Missouri def. Cornell, Maryland def. California, Memphis def. CSU Northridge

UConn def. Texas A&M, Purdue def. Washington, Marquette def. Missouri, Memphis def. Maryland

Purdue def. UConn, Memphis def. Marquette

Memphis def. Purdue (Purdue played five terrific halves of basketball in Indianapolis, and if Hummel keeps shooting well they can beat anyone.)

Pitt def. E Tennessee State, Tennessee def. Oklahoma State, Wisconsin def. Florida State, Xavier def. Portland State, VCU def. UCLA, Villanova def. American, Texas def. Minnesota, Duke def. Binghamton

Pitt def. Tennessee, Wisconsin def. Xavier, Villanova def. VCU, Duke def. Texas

Pitt def. Wisconsin, Duke def. Villanova

Duke def. Pitt (although Duke has no answer for Pitt's Blair, I think they'll just make a bunch of shots)

UNC def. Radford, LSU def. Butler, Western Kentucky def. Illinois, Gonzaga def. Akron, Arizona State def. Temple, Syracuse def. Stephen F. Austin, Clemson def. Michigan, Oklahoma def. Morgan State

UNC def. LSU, Gonzaga def. Western Kentucky, Syracuse def. Arizona State, Oklahoma def. Clemson

UNC def. Gonzaga, Syracuse def. Oklahoma

UNC def. Syracuse (if Lawson isn't 100%, Flynn can light these guys up.)

Final Four
Memphis def. Kansas, UNC def. Duke (that would be a helluva interesting Final Four, wouldn't it?)

Memphis def. UNC (think Lawson's toe will be bothering him a lot by this point and he won't be able to run with Memphis)

It's funny, but as I was watching ESPN's esteemed experts pick their Final Four, almost all of them went something like this:

"In the Midwest I like Louisville ... in the East I like Pittsburgh ... in the West I like Connecticut ... in the South I like North Carolina." Brilliant stuff, pick the four #1 seeds. Only one or two of them picked somethin other than the four #1s. That's why we watch.

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