Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great weekend

So Vander Blue has committed to Marquette. That's just the kick in the groin we needed after the football loss to Iowa.

Don't even know what to say ... other than to say this seems like a very immature choice to close an awkward process. Marquette gets the nod because they run a four-guard offense (Buzz Williams' glorified YMCA "scheme")? Because he's been friends with Jeronne Maymon since he was a kid (first time I've truly been disappointed in Maymon's college choice)? Whatever. If that's what floats your boat, so be it.

What UW has to offer isn't exactly a perfect package. But, bias acknowledged, I think Wisconsin is a better choice than Marquette. For anyone, let alone Vander Blue.

But hey, committing to UW that early was an immature move as well. Maybe if he hadn't chosen us first this wouldn't hurt so bad.

Making immature decisions is what teenage boys do. Lord knows I made plenty of immature decisions when I was Vander's age, they just weren't this public.

Fully expecting much gloating from Marquette fans, as is their right. I'll do my best to ignore it, or delete it if it happens to show up here.

Even if, as I'm hoping, Vander goes on to have an undistinguished college career that doesn't leave us longing, that would be disappointing because we'd wonder what he could have done playing for a real coach. Chances are he'll have a good college career, based on what he's shown in high school. He's the real deal.

The only way this works out well for us is if he transfers home in a year or two, which given the way things go at Marquette isn't impossible, and Vander took the high road and was classy in his comments about Bo and Howard Moore. But given the hard feelings that have come from this process, isn't likely.

I can't take the high road on this. For the second straight day, I'm livid. This sucks.


Phil Mitten said...

made all the more unbearable since Tokoto is practically a lost cause already too.

ksagendorph said...

Not a total shock, but still tough to take especially losing him to Marquette. It seems to be more of an uphill battle getting the top players from the state. Between this and the Diamond Taylor episode there are roster holes that definitely need to be addressed.

Mr.Man said...

Yes and yes. An foolish, immature decision that answered the question: where are things going to be the easiest? Attention (Big East), lack of discipline, fast pace, light school-work, leaving behind the hard feelings in Madison, etc. What's the Harry Potter line? Something like, soon coming are the "days when we will be forced to choose between what is right and what is easy."