Thursday, October 22, 2009

Landry's a Knick!

Well, surprise, surprise, some good Badger-related news this week. Marcus Landry made the Knicks!

What a great story: Marcus pays his own way to try out for the team, sticks it out, and eventually sticks for the opening-day roster. Everyone knows his story, couldn't happen to a better guy.

In all honesty, I'm surprised. Landry was a nice college player, never quite reached stardom. His game doesn't seem suited for the NBA. At 6-7, you'd think he'd have to play small forward, and his quickness and ball handling skills do not appear to be NBA-caliber.

He does have a nice postup game. Much like another undersized four-man, for the Rockets: Carl Landry. My suspicion is that if Marcus's name was Smith, he may not have even gotten this shot in the first place.

But whatever, this is great news! In that vein, Hoops Marinara has a really nice rundown of other former Badgers playing professionally.

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Tyler Feuling said...

Like you said Scott, couldnt have happened to a better guy. Nice to see some of Bo's Badgers sticking around in the league. Let's hope he gets a few minutes here and there and hopefully turns into a nice backup for David Lee. Good news finally out of Mad Town.