Friday, October 2, 2009

Take it to the Bank

I'm pretty sure the Badgers are going to lose to Minnesota tomorrow. Which will be disappointing, especially since I'll be there, but since it won't be unexpected, it won't be devastating. Here's what I see happening:

-Eric Decker doesn't necessarily kill us, but he's productive and has at least one key touchdown.

-Duane Bennett has a better game than we would expect.

-We have a tough time running on their big defensive tackles, but still are able to muster up a respectable ground game. Zach Brown does well running off tackle.

-Scott Tolzien throws a couple picks and has his shakiest game of the year.

-We get a big, unexpected special teams play. Might as well come from hometown boy David Gilreath.

-Minnesota plays with the lead for most of the game, we keep things close. Unlike 2005, however, we don't pull out a miracle finish and fall just short.

Looking forward to seeing TCF Bank Park or whatever they're calling it. For all my teasing it appears like a nice place. Of course, if it happens to rain I'll be longing for that craphole the Gophers used to play in.


frye said...

I agree. Looking at the game objectively, this is their first road game. How often have the Badgers played a smooth efficient game as their first road game? I see some mistakes happening. Let's hope they learn from them and beat OSU.

The thing I keep telling myself is, next year is the year. UW loses some key players (Maragos, Schofield, and Graham.) However, they should be replaceable - Kendricks has done well, Watt and Kelly look good, and Claxton has been getting time in the dime package. I really believe, barring injury, 2010 sets up as a Rose Bowl run.

Millie said...

How dare you Tappa. How dare you. I think it's time to remember what we're talking about here. We're talking about the Golden Rats, the team that always finds a way to lose.

Last year when UW was trailing in the first half I got a call from my dad. He asked if I was worried. I told him that normally I would be, but the Gophers would find a way to screw it up.

They might be in a shiny new stadium, but it's still the Gophers. It's still the team that has more creativity when it comes to losing than anyone else.

If Greg Paulus can shred their secondary I can only imagine what Tolzien will do.

My prediction...Pain. 37-20 UW.

Toohey said...

I just hope we don't get dazzled by the sparkly glitter on the Goofers new helmets. Seriously.