Monday, October 19, 2009

UW-Iowa box score thoughts

Unsurprisingly, not much to like in reviewing the box score from the Iowa game. Here are a few things:

-We held them to 1.7 yards per rush.

-We only had two penalties.

And ... that's it. Scoreboard.

-We averaged 44.6 yards per punt, but only 38.6 yards net. I've been pretty happy with Brad Nortman this year, but his work pinning punts inside the 10 could improve.

-Chris Borland led the Badgers with 10 tackles. Won't be the last time. Added a sack, 2.5 tackles for loss and a forced fumble. I can't remember the last time a true freshman made such an impact on such a consistent basis on defense.

-J.J. Watt had eight tackles, and a whopping four for loss.

-That was a nicely timed blitz by Devin Smith that resulted in his sack. Would like to see more corner blitzes.

-Two tackles for loss, a fumble recovery, and a quarterback hurry for O'Brien Schofield. Louis Nzegwu had a hurry too.


train said...

Smith also blitzed on the TD pass to Moliake or however you spell his name. Smith came off the corner and couldn't break down and make the sack. Turning point of the game.

Edward said...

I was there and it has taken awhile to come to terms with how wasted that performance by the defensive front 7 was. Man. I guess all you can say is if we had great DBs we might have pulled out a 10-3 squeeker.