Saturday, November 3, 2007

Brewers' B-Force

Andy works for an organization that studies tobacco use, and this little nugget appeared in his latest newsletter, from a May Brewers press release:

On Sunday, the first 10,000 kids 16 and under will receive a Brewers Comic Book featuring Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart of the B-Force, who do battle against the evil spit tobacco monster Grossmouth. The comic books are compliments of the Wisconsin Dental Association.

Andy's first thought: Do you think Prince Fielder, Bill Hall, and all the other Brewer players that chew are pissed? :)

Prince chews? I hadn't noticed. ;)

Seriously, his chaw is as much a part of him as that ridiculous neck tattoo. I suppose that when Will gets to an age where he might want to chew tobacco, I might care more about Prince's tobacco habit, but for now if he hits 50 dingers and is a great team leader, go nuts with the Kodiak, man.

In related Brewers catch-up news:

Prince won the Henry Aaron Award for being the top offensive performer in the National League, and was honored as the top NL player in a vote of his peers. Still, when the NL Most Valuable Player is announced, I'm guessing it's going to be Matt Holliday from Colorado. And that wouldn't be a bad choice at all, he had a great year for a team that had a great run. Just hoping Prince can pull this off.

Also, Ryan Braun was named top rookie by the Sporting News, and like Fielder won Players' Choice honors, in the outstanding rookie category. I think he should beat Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki for the mainstream Rookie of the Year, although like Holliday, Tulo could benefit from the Rockies' late success, and Braun's defense was historically awful.

Here's the thing: my understanding is the Baseball Writers Association of America casts their votes before the postseason. Even though the Rockies' had a great late regular season run, their playoff run got much more attention, and the Brewers coughed up the division lead in August, through no fault of Fielder and Braun. So even though momentum favors the Rockies, we may get the first Brewers MVP since Yount in '89 and ROY since Pat Listach in '92.

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