Friday, November 16, 2007

Feeling very eerie

Man, this writer’s strike has me bummed – The Office is just starting to hit its stride again and we’re going to be subjected to reruns for months. What will I write about on Thursday nights? Dog, Bounty Hunter?

Really liked last night’s episode, it was complex, brought up many elements from the past, and had ping pong. The highlights:

-Court reporter: “That’s what she said.” Michael: “ … the delivery’s all wrong, she’s butchering it.”
-Michael on Jan: “She was drinking a lot … of water.”
-Dwight to Jim: “Darrell is the client? He works here, dumbass!”
-Kelly: “Your mama’s so fat she could eat the Internet.” Kelly’s annoying turned from funny annoying to mean-spirited and unwanted annoying last night.
-Michael: “The timing was nothing short of predominant.”
-Michael: “Line.”
-Michael: “I throw myself at the mercy of the deposition.
-Toby, on the number of diary copies: “Could you make it 11?”
-Jim: “Check this out – spin serve … it works like 80% of the time.”
-Michael knocking Toby’s tray off the cafeteria table.
-Did you notice that everyone at Ryan’s table had a beard like his?
-Lawyer: “Who’s this other woman, Ryan?” Does anyone else think it’s weird that BJ Novak would make a recurring theme out of Michael thinking how hot he is? Not so much that it’s Michael, but that anyone thinks it.
-Michael on the Twins: "They hang from m' lady's chest."
-Court reporter reading back Michael’s line: “That wasn’t to go to the bathroom, that was to get out of a question.”
-Lawyer reading Michael’s diary: “I’m definitely feeling very eerie.” Michael: “Irie.”
-Wish I could spell the names of all the top ping pong players Dwight listed. Like Jana said, "That scene must have been impossible for him to memorize."


Jim Polzin said...

Best episode of the season, in my opinion.

And Molle said the exact same thing after Dwight's list of his table tennis heroes.

Anonymous said...

I was just happy to see Moze is a serious ping pong player as well. Austy

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