Saturday, November 3, 2007

UW-Ohio State halftime thoughts

Like the way we're playing with them. This is shaping up like our previous three wins at the Horseshoe.

-Most of you didn't see this, but BTN had Matt Fischer, backup kicker and #96, starting at defensive tackle. Risky move. ;)

-Before the game I said to Andy that we should try some trick plays today - why not? Before the fake punt, Andy said they should try it just then; I disagreed, and he was right. Terrific pass by DeBauche (wasn't he a high school QB?) and terrific catch by Standridge - I've never understood why he's on kick coverage teams as a backup punter, but he made a beautiful grab.

-Like the way we're blitzing, bu they're not really effective - the route is too long or we're running right into blockers.

-OSU's offensive line started out playing really well, although our front seven did some nice things against them late. My sense is that their skill position guys are pretty much like anybody else's in the Big Ten, but the o-line opens up bigger holes and pass protects long enough for fairly average receivers to get open.

-OSU has five sacks, but don't blame our offensive line, those are coverage sacks.

-Donovan looks a little jittery in the pocket.

-Did anyone else notice DeBauche put his arm around Small and point to the flag thrown on the latter's big punt return? Hilarious!

-Shaughnessy and Fischer, er, Hayden are playing well, especially #92.

-Gilreath's fumble was overturned, but before the kick I muttered "Just hang onto the ball David." His mistakes are outweighing his big plays right now.

-Why can't we sack Boeckman? He's not that slippery? We brought down Kellen Lewis five times last week but can't get to this statue?

-Here's an idea: Kirk DeCremer should be starting with Newkirk swinging around to spell all four line spots. DeCremer is always around the ball making plays, and Newkirk would get just as many reps.

-Brown is running about as well as can be expected, he's not playing tentatively. Still wish we had PJ.

Should be a good second half, especially if we can somehow draw even.


Scott said...

Sorry I have been behind on e-mails and posts -- lots of catching up at work after a wedding we attended in Colorado.

F the Big Ten network. When are streaming broadcasts coming to Badgercentric so people without DirecTV can actually follow the game? Look into purchasing some rights T$....

Toohey said...

Nice call on DeBauche Taps. Schwalbach and Hermann came over to my place since I have BTNHD and we all had a nice laugh at that.

He kindly pointed out the flag and got the hell out of there.