Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Overkill Killer

I don't watch much NBC, just The Office, really, but it seems that the network's green week is sort of hokey. Did we really need Universal to bring this to our attention? It seems to me that the only people who don't currently have a clue about green living practices would be the ones likely to appear on My Name is Earl.

Not that big a deal, though, can't hurt. Tonight's episode was okay, gave me enough giggles to come back next week (that's what she said). My favorite parts:

-Michael to Jim: "You know what hypothetical means?"

-Dwight's weapon hiding folder: Mr. A Knife

-Dwight: "Better to be hurt by someone you know accidentally than by a stranger on purpose."

-Dwight's serial killer nickname for himself: The Overkill Killer. Perfect!

-Dwight to Michael: "Can you smell the trees in the nature?"

-Michael about the dead tree: "This little guy might be Dunder Mifflin paper someday."

-Dwight aiming his rifle scope at Michael: "The safety is ... on." For some reason this is how I picture Polzin when he goes hunting.

-Phyllis to Jim: "Hey Michael, I mean Jim."

-Michael: "I have the freshest air around - AC."

-Perhaps the best exchange was the one between Jim and Michael over the credits that went something like this:
Michael: "That's what she said."
Jim: "Who said?"
Michael: "I never know. It helps relieve the tension, like when things get hard."
Jim: "That's what she said."

Third straight episode where Jim's weaknesses are exposed, that seems to be a theme of this season. But this week's seemed forced - his character would never have proposed a mass birthday party that eliminated multiple breaks from "work." Jim's evolution into management is not a particularly attractive storyline, but it could exceed expectations.


Scott said...

I visited Badgercentric immediately after The Office searching for one thing: a reference to "Mr. A Knife". I was not disappointed! I'll admit...that was a laugh out loud moment for me. Overall, a pretty good first half that faded toward the end.

Loved the David Schwimmer "Greenzo" character on 30 Rock ("Al Gore, whazz up!"). And the "morning after" scene...great stuff.

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