Monday, January 28, 2008

Athletic Board dealings

Usually, when the State Journal and Cap Times sports staffs cover an athletic-related event, the accounts are pretty similar. Not so Saturday, when the papers published very different accounts of Friday's University of Wisconsin Athletic Board meeting.

Andy Baggot's State Journal story led with the news on coaching contract extensions, and focused on the fact that Barry Alvarez wanted a performance review in light of John Wiley's upcoming departure as chancellor. (Has it really been almost four years since Barry took over as AD?)

Jason McMahon's Cap Times story was more compelling, reporting that the board meeting got tense at times. Unlike Baggot, McMahon quoted history professor/board member Jeremi Suri, who seems like a squeaky wheel who was looking for an audience. Read the story - his big beefs seem to center on the Big Ten Network fiasco and the athletic department's tendency to operate separately from the rest of the university. Valid points, it would seem.

-Also have to give a plug to Polzin's column on Ike's fall from a charmed existence in 14 months. Jim gives some perspective on Ike's personality that as far as I know hasn't been revealed before.


Will said...

Glad you did a post on this - I noticed the differences in the article as well.

Barry wanted a performance review because Wiley is leaving? Hmm...that's interesting.

There always seem to be one or two professors on the board that don't like Big Time college athletics and enjoy giving the athletic department the business. I'm not saying they are totally wrong, but it is kind of funny watching them in action nonetheless.

mjschwal said...

But the interesting thing is that, by all accounts, Suri is actually a sports fan. He apparently talks sports during his history lectures and has season football tickets.

My guess is that he may have a great perspective being on both sides.

Here's my biased opinion: For those of you that have covered the Badgers during Alvarez era know the shroud of secrecy he tended to operate with (although is sounds like it pales in comparison to Bielema). Could this MO carry over to the way Alvarez operates the AD? Who knows, just a thought.

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