Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Paul Chryst to Purdue announced Friday?

Schwalbach just emailed me that, according to a co-worker, Rivals is reporting on the paid content portion of its Purdue site that Chryst will be named the Boilermakers' next coach on Friday. He's skeptical - it hasn't been reported anywhere else yet that we can find - and so am I.

For the record, here's what the Rivals teaser says:

by GoldandBlack.com staff
The climax of Purdue's search for Coach Joe Tiller's successor-in-waiting has arrived and will soon be announced, GoldandBlack.com has learned. Find out when and who the finalists are in this Ultimate Ticket report.

If this is true, sheesh, what a day. Will reserve further comment until this is confirmed by reputable media (no offense, Rivals).


csd said...

It does not say who will be the coach. It apparently is between Hope and Chryst.

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