Monday, January 21, 2008

Plaxico-Harris: Plaxico-Fletcher or Fletcher-Mitchell?

At the start of last night's disappointing NFC championship game (congrats to the Giants, who clearly played the better game and deserved to win), I found myself thinking about the Plaxico Burress-Al Harris matchup and how it reminded me of the Michigan State-Wisconsin game in 1999. In that game Jamar Fletcher shut Burress down after publicly demanding the assignment, and I was hoping Harris would shut Plax down like Fletch did.

No dice. As Burress dominated the early going, I got to thinking of a different high profile matchup - Fletcher vs. UCLA's Freddie Mitchell in the next season's Sun Bowl, where Mitchell got the better of Fletch. In case you've blocked that game from your memory even though it was a Badger win, check out the recap. I remember being really sick and having to work that day, and Fletch's play and actions didn't make me feel much better; sort of like Harris last night.

Tying this all back to the NFL, Mitchell, a true horse's ass, made the fourth-and-26 catch for the Eagles to hand the Packers their most painful recent loss until last night.

Was planning on writing about this Burress-Fletcher memory last night, but the loss had made me numb and I took to watching Big Ten women's basketball. Then, logging on to the website of my favorite Madison afternoon newspaper, I see Lucas had the same thoughts, and did a nice job fleshing it out.

The other UW-related note on last night's bummer was that Mark Tauscher played really well. As far as I could tell, Tausch didn't let Michael Strahan do anything on him. And he recovered a fumble after a Giants interception, which thanks to curious play calling turned into just three points for the Packers. Tausch is a great player and a class act, one of the true underrated players in the league.

No Badgers in the Super Bowl ... sigh.


Will said...

I had various rants ready, but thankfully Lawrence Tynes didn't miss three field goals.

So instead of focusing on the game, I'll bring something else up. Has anyone noticed those new Budweiser ads that they're running? The star looks a lot like Bielema. It's the same actor who played the "Captain" in that Office episode on the boat (season 1, I believe).

scott.tappa said...

That guy in the Bud commercials was also on Saturday Night Live for a year. His name is Rob Riggle.

Those commercials don't work for me at all.

Anonymous said...

I think he's best known for his work on the Daily Show.

Will said...

Wow - I didn't know this guy had a decent resume. My SNL/Daily Show viewing has been inconsistent over the years.

Jim Polzin said...

Congrats on the win, Willy. I, and many others, underestimated the Giants. It'd be nice to see them give the Patriots a run in the Super Bowl.

The best part of the Fletcher-Mitchell matchup in the Sun Bowl was the post-game interviews, when Mitchell basically told Fletcher through the media to come back for his senior season because he wasn't ready for the NFL.