Friday, January 25, 2008

Badgers basketball coaching tree, part 2

Thanks to Hazaert, anonymous, and ajs for their input, which I'm going to break out here into a new post:

-Sharif Chambliss, a student-athlete mentor/tutor for Rob Jeter at UWM who sits on the bench during games. In the UWM athletic department directory, he's listed compliance/athletic assistance. (Thanks to Andy for pointing out my earlier mistake.) Also on Jeter's staff is Duffy Conroy, who was video coordinator and director of basketball operations for Bo in Madison.

-Brian Good, who Hill and I used to joke about being the best free throw shooter in the country a long time ago, is the head coach at Queens University in Charlotte.

-Brian Vraney, a walk-on hero in our first couple years in Madison, is the head coach at Beloit. He previously coached in the Midwest Conference (Vershaw's conference) at Ripon and Lake Forest.

-Chris Conger, the subject of a Chris Earl story in J206 for Steve Lorenzo, coaches at Lake Forest, where he is the winningest coach in the program's history.

-Jon Bryant ("I'm Jon Bryant") runs a basketball school in Minnesota called Triple Threat Academy. I found this mugshot on a site called

-Freddie Owens is an assistant coach at Adams State College, a Division II program in Alamosa, Colo., and is apparently aiming to recruit Milwaukee hard. Found this mug on a website called, also found Chambliss there.

Good stuff here, it's fun tracking these guys down.


deuces said...

To be fair to Chambliss, he is listed under the "Compliance/Academic Assistance" section on that page. Unless UWM's Cheerleading group also oversees compliance issues...

Toohey said...

"Did someone just say my name? I'm Jon Bryant"

Good times at Taco Bell. That's honestly the only Taco Bell I've ever been to that actually ran out of beef one night. All they had left was chicken.

Regarding the coaching trees posts, it is kind of fun to do a "where are they now." You should do that for some of the players too.

Like where the hell are Paul Grant, Rashard Griffith, Eyore (David Burkemper), etc.? That would be interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

brian vraney is the worst coach in the history of the sport... 8-38 in two years as head coach with countless recruits quitting the program after their freshmen year