Sunday, June 22, 2008

Andy and Bret

The other day on Facebook I got a notification that my brother had changed his profile picture, and since he's been adding pictures of us as little kids lately I thought I'd take a look. But from the thumbnail, it looked like him and someone famous.

Check it out.

Pretty cool. I emailed Andy to ask him about it, and here was his tongue in cheek response:

"Mendota Gridiron Club's annual 'IT Day.' BB and the coaches emailed a bunch of IT people on campus and we sat down with the guys to show them how to use Powerpoint and YouTube. Xavier Harris now loves playing World of WarCraft ..."

And the real story:

"It was actually at a 'rock & roll concert' in Middleton last weekend. Someone spotted BB from like 30 yards away and he was nice enough to let us take a picture with him."

As cool as it must be to be Bret Bielema, it's also got to be challenging. You want to be accommodating to fans like Andy and his buddies, but let's say 25 people come up to him during this concert asking for pictures. Can you ever say no? If you do just once, you come off as a jerk. Suppose that's just the price that comes with living as a celebrity and not being content to be homebound or exceedingly private.

Andy also said they couldn't have their beers in their pictures with the coach, which makes sense -- he doesn't want another Larry Eustachy-esque picture gallery popping up on a message board or in the blogosphere.