Monday, June 9, 2008

Granato to coach Avs again

The surest sign it's slow season in Badgerville: back-to-back days with hockey posts. But here's a fairly significant piece of Badger-related news - Tony Granato has been hired to coach the Colorado Avalanche again. He coached the team five years ago before being demoted.

The news has a Billy Martin feel to it, but that's how it is in the NHL, apparently. Those guys change coaches like most people change underwear. Watching the Stanley Cup finals, I had absoltely no idea who was coaching the Red Wings and Penguins. Granted, I'm a casual fan, but those guys should wear their names on the front all the time, a la Burch at the end of our freshman football season.

Granato is fourth on the all-time UW scoring list with 220 points in 152 games, third all-time with 100 goals, a two-time All-American and a Hobey Baker finalist. That's pretty damn impressive.

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