Sunday, June 15, 2008

Looking down on Camp Randall

Last week I read in the Sporting News about an interesting site focusing on college football, The first thing I found was a Google Maps view of Camp Randall Stadium.

The site also has a recruiting map, showing the origins of a school's recruits.

It also gives information on teams' road game performance. Since 1998, the Badgers have traveled 17,588 miles for non-conference road games, and 28,745 miles overall. Wisconsin is batting .800 in non-conference road games, and 62% in road games overall.

Do you remember who the Badgers have lost to on the road in non-conference play in the last 10 years?


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Toohey said...

Funny you should mention the google maps view of Camp Randall. I was bored at work on Friday and was using Microsoft's Live Maps to look at college campuses.

I'm still amazed at the clarity of some of the pictures you can get. The live maps view of Camp Randall was pretty cool, but you could also see all of the construction that's currently ongoing.

Needless to say, it was a nice trip down memory lane. I definitely would have rather been sitting on the terrace drinking a beer than sitting in a cube at work on a Friday afternoon.

Frank said...

Joey-led Oregon

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