Saturday, June 14, 2008

Charlie, you're going to be a long snapper

At least that's what I'm planning on instructing my son once he's able to bend over and grab a football with two hands. Recently Will emailed a few of us a story about arguably the premier high school long snapper in Georgia.

Let that title sink in: arguably the premier high school long snapper in Georgia. (His name is Michael Brodsky, in case you're interested.)

Used to be long snappers were guys who couldn't get playing time at other positions, really wanted to play, and volunteered to long snap. Some of them turn out to be really good at and turn in long careers, like former Packer Rob Davis.

Some Badgers, like Mike Schneck, Mike Solwold, and Matt Katula, have used long snapping as a ticket to the NFL.

Still, it seems to me that ranking high school long snappers is just a wee bit silly.


Deuces said...

Maybe it is just me, but this might be one of your worst posts to date, Scott.

deuces said...

Dude, remove the previous comment for me -- it was from your original shell article you put up a couple weeks ago. Mom scolded me for it today (rolling eyes).

Toohey said...

Wow, Deuces. Just wow.

eda said...


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