Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April 1-0

When we were in school, I thought our staff at the Daily Cardinal did a nice job with the sports section. Sure there was some entry-level crappiness, some really good stories, columns, and photography, and a whole lot of typical college newspaper sports coverage.

We never did anything too silly, though, which in one sense is good - we were training to become professional journalists. On the other hand, it's a shame we didn't - college is your last real chance to goof around and do stupid things before you have a car payment and diapers to buy.

That's what makes this Cardinal April Fool's Day story Jim sent over so funny:

Bielema's girlfriend tired of 1-0 mantra

Give it a read, it's good. I, for one, think the whole 1-0 thing is silly (but not the guy in the picture above). I sure did back at my first job in Ohio, when control freak coach Tom Peiffer of Gibsonburg brainwashed his kids with the 1-0 thing - and it's nice to see someone poking fun at it. A little bit risky, too - who knows how Bielema will react?

Well, our basement had some minor flooding last night, so I'm going to wet vacuum 1-0 right now.


mjschwal said...

That's pretty damn funny. My laugh at loud parts:

Cutting grass and then Bo Ryan's quotes. It just sounded like something he would say. "Back in Chester, PA, there was this guy 1-0 Lewis..."

Good stuff. I'm sure Wegner would never have allowed it, Taps.

mjschwal said...

On an unfunny note, did you see that Thorson got kicked off from the team? Apparently, he might have done something to injure Moore in drills. The scuttlebutt is that Thorson was getting owned and he went off. Apparently, this may have not been the first time something like this has happened involving Thorson.

Scott Tappa said...

Just read Potrykus's story on it, and Thorson doesn't deny that there was a play involved, but his spin is that Moore landed awkwardly and it was a freak accident. Too bad for both guys.

Will said...

I read the comments for that story - a mistake I won't repeat again (it scares me that some of these people call themselves Badger fans). People who were "there" dispute the accident part of the story. Others from his hometown indicated that the guy might have temper issues. Obviously, we have to take these comments with the whole saltshaker.

Maybe Polzin or Tappa can clear one thing that confuses me (it also applies to Royston). If scholarships are renewed each year....then why does a player need to be released from one? Or does that only apply when a player wants to leave in the middle of the semester and/or restrict them from getting a scholarhip at another place? I mean, couldn't Thorson just leave UW and enroll at Minnesota (or some other school)?

Jim Polzin said...

Good questions, Willy.

The simple answer is because NCAA rules aren't in place to protect the student-athlete.

When a professional signs a multi-year deal, there's often an option year at the end of it. Well, college programs always have the option year.

Thorson and Royston can both enroll at Minnesota -- at least as students. However, they can't talk to the Minnesota coaching staff unless Bielema takes the Gophers off the restricted list.

Both also have the option of asking for a hearing with the university. I've never heard of anybody who's ever been successful in getting a coach's decision overturned.

In Thorson's case -- whether he deserved to be kicked off the team or not -- it's not fair that Bielema gets to decide where he can end up. It's different for Royston because it was his decision to leave.

Scott Tappa said...

Does the letter of intent have anything to do with this? I thought sometime I read that it covers an athlete's decision not just when he/she enrolls at a school but throughout his/her time there, until released. I'm probably wrong.